The following schools are in need of a funding partner to make hunger-free weekends a reality for students in need. Free or Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL) rate indicates highest need.  By adopting a school, funding partners agree to provide both funding and volunteers to fully implement the program at their partner school.

$5,000 will feed 15 students weekly for 38 weeks (one school year). The food in each pack costs approximately $8 per week. This $5,000 also covers the initial cost of purchasing the backpacks and supplies. These costs can be lessened with food drives, etc.

Not ready to adopt?
Help us establish programs in these schools by donating or volunteering.

Sunnycrest Elementary School94.7%
Wildwood Elementary School90.5%
Lake Grove Elementary School81.3%
Mark Twain Elementary School76.4%
Todd Beamer High School74.8%
Totem Middle School74.8%
Rainier View Elementary School73.9%
Panther Lake Elementary School71.2%
Lake Dolloff Elementary School67.6%
Adelaide Elementary School65.8%
Silver Lake Elementary School65.0%
Twin Lakes Elementary School64.1%
Kilo Middle School62.8%
Camelot Elementary School61.4%
Nautilus K-858.2%
Brigadoon Elementary School56.9%
Enterprise Elementary School56.7%
Star Lake Elementary School56.0%
Woodmont K-855.9%
Thomas Jefferson High Scool52.4%
Lakeland Elementary School49.8%
Illahee Middle School49.5%
Decatur High School44.4%
Meredith Hill Elementary School42.1%
Green Gables Elementary School33.6%