How Does the Program Work? 

We work with the school to identify students who are most in need.  Applications for the program are distributed by the school to the families.

Each week, a team of volunteers meet and stuff ordinary looking bags with nutritious, easy to prepare foods. The filled bags are then dropped off at the school each Friday or the day before the school break and are distributed to the students by school staff. On Mondays, the students return their empty packs to the school and volunteers pick them up so that we are able to re-fill them the following week.

The student’s information is kept confidential and the goal of the program is to feed the children in such a way that no other students will know that they are receiving weekly food.

What is the Cost?

$5,000 will feed 20 students weekly for 38 weeks (one school year). The food in each pack costs approximately $6 per week. This amount also covers the initial cost of purchasing the backpacks and supplies. These costs can be lessened with food drives, etc.